Our approach

Tesco and Society

No matter where we work, we want to have a positive impact on our customers, colleagues and communities.

Our approach

Wherever we work, we want to make a positive, difference and help our customers, colleagues, and the communities around us.

We want to tackle the issues which our customers and colleagues care about and where we have the opportunity as a retail company to make a difference.

Our approach is summed up by our value ‘Every little help makes a big difference’.  It captures how, when we add up all the small things we do, Tesco can make a big difference to the issues customers, colleagues, communities and wider society care about.  Not only does it cover the little things we do every day it also links these things together to contribute to the bigger priorities which we are focussing on globally.


Our areas of focus are:


Reducing food waste

Tackling food waste is important to Tesco for four big reasons. Firstly, it is an issue that our customers care as they don’t want to waste money on food that will be thrown away. Second, food waste adds significant costs to our business, so it is important that we drive down waste in our own operations. Thirdly, at a time when many people are suffering from food poverty it is unacceptable for any business to be wasting food unnecessarily. Finally, food waste puts unnecessary pressure on land and natural resources, and results in additional greenhouse gas emissions, so by addressing the problem we can reduce our environmental impact.

Globally we believe we have a responsibility to reduce food waste in our own operations and want to work with others to help us tackle food waste from farm to fork. Our ambition is that no food that could be eaten will go to waste at Tesco, and we are working with food banks to donate surplus food from our stores that cannot be sold to feed people in need. 

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Improving health

Improving health is one of the biggest social challenges we face and we all want to do what we can to live healthy, happy lives. Often though it feels harder than it should be to take the little steps to live more healthily: harder to shop for and eat good food, harder to know enough to make healthier choices and harder to be a little more active.  Our customers tell us that they want us to make it a little bit easier for them to live more healthily so if we want to serve shoppers a little better every day then we need to make sure it is easier to be healthier at Tesco.  We also have a responsibility to our colleagues and the communities where we operate to make it easier for them to be healthier too. 

Our approach is to help make it easier for customers to make healthier choices so that they can have a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle.  It’s about lots of little, healthy changes to make a big difference overall.


Supporting local communities

We know that our business can only be vibrant if the communities in which we operate are vibrant too.  Ensuring that we have a good impact on our communities and are a good neighbour is therefore important to us. We support the local causes that matter to our customers and colleagues. Our ‘You choose, we help’ programme enables our customers to vote for local projects that benefit their community to receive a grant from Tesco to support their work. Learn more here.

We are also working to address food poverty across the country by organising national food collections with the foodbanks to feed people need and topping up our customer’s donations by 20%. Find out more.

Wherever we operate we want to be a good employer, providing great jobs and supporting skills development.  We offer a variety of different roles, give our colleagues training and support to help them develop and look for opportunities to support the wider community through employability programmes. Learn more.


Delivering quality, affordable and sustainable products.                    

As a business, we depend on strong, open, honest partnerships with our suppliers. As our founder, Jack Cohen, once said: we’re all traders together, and we need to work together to offer our customers the best products and service. Customers expect great products but they also expect us when sourcing these products to help tackle the environment and social challenges they care about. By having strong relationships with suppliers and using our reach and expertise we can ensure the products we source are not just great quality and affordable but also sustainable.  This means minimising their environmental impact and ensuring they are produced in an ethical way that respects the human rights of workers in the supply chain. Find out more.

We know that we can only address these issues by working in partnership with our stakeholders, communities, NGO partners and our suppliers.  We work in partnership with a number of charities to help us make a difference. Learn more.