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Tesco to remove disposable cutlery and plates at Bistros

By mid-May, all single-use cutlery and plates will be removed from "Bistro" self-service restaurants at Tesco stores. They will be replaced by reusable kitchenware. As Tesco explains, this change is another step on the way to reduce the impact of plastic packaging on the environment.

Removing disposable dishes is equal to saving 4.5 million paper plates that Bistro customers were using per year in Poland. It is also a reduction of 9.5 million plastic cutlery items and more than 0.5 million paper cups. Now, Tesco will phase out these products with more environmentally friendly alternatives. Customers in all restaurants will dine using the new tableware - the offer will be made of stainless steel cutlery and ceramic cups and plates. Also the trash bins will disappear from the restaurants, to reduce the scale of waste to a minimum.

"We know how important comfort and convenience are for our customers, which is why we want the changes to be positive both for them and for the environment. We made a trial of this initiative at two Bistros in Tarnowskie Góry and Zielona Góra, and the test was very well received. Now it's time for the rest of the restaurants. We are pleased that soon all the Bistros will see this positive change" - says Paweł Łacny, Operational Manager for Bistro.

It is another step on the way to reduce the negative impact of plastic packaging on the environment. Earlier this year, Tesco confirmed that by 2020 it will remove all non-recyclable materials from the packaging of its own brand products. The company also will reduce the scale of packaging waste in its stores.

Tesco has 39 self-service Bistro restaurants located on shop floors or at Tesco malls. The restaurants offer dishes in “pay by weight” model, as well as soft drinks and desserts. Last year, Tesco customers bought about 3.8 million meals at Tesco’s Bistros.