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Tesco launches new training platform for Central European Suppliers

Since creating one business unit in Central Europe, Tesco puts high priority on simplification of everyday cooperation and transparency for Supplier Partners. Company introduces new ways of working and solutions to limit bureaucracy and introduce innovations with suppliers. To support understanding of procedures and policies, Tesco launches new training platform for CE Suppliers – Supplier Training Essentials.

Following success in the UK, in September 2018 Tesco launches enhanced version of new training platform for Central European Suppliers. Using a new tool, all suppliers will find in one place useful knowledge and data related to Central European contracts, as well as promotional, financial and logistic rules. There will also be number of manuals devoted to manufacturing, packaging and own brand standards which should be useful for more than 3,000 suppliers across Central Europe that Tesco cooperates with.

 “We know the success in Central Europe is based on good understanding of procedures, timelines and support from all stakeholders. We want to have transparent rules of cooperation and help our suppliers grow on four markets. Supplier Training Essentials will enable us to share most important information, data and policies in one place”, informed Jakub Jaremko, CE Supplier Engagement Manager.

Supplier Training Essential is one of many tools designed for suppliers in Central Europe. Since 2017, business partners can join Supplier Network, interactive platform boosting collaboration, innovation and sustainability between CE Suppliers. Four times a year, the company organises online webinars focused on most important systems and topics for suppliers. Tesco partners can also use Supplier Helpline - online platform which helps suppliers in working with Tesco and assist in important matters on daily basis with a guarantee of answer in 48 hours.