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Tesco in Poland to focus on smaller stores

Tesco Polska has shared plans with its colleagues to re-focus its business in Poland on its best performing smaller store formats.

The decision will see Tesco convert its largest hypermarkets in Poland into smaller compact hypermarkets, which it will run alongside its existing smaller supermarkets. Alongside the conversions, Tesco has confirmed that it is close to finalising the sale of 8 of its largest hypermarkets.

The first step in converting all other hypermarkets will take place in August when the  product range in larger stores will be reduced to make stores easier to shop for customers, and easier to operate for Tesco colleagues. The retailer will also standardise and simplify the food range in compact hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Commenting on the move, Matt Simister, CEO Tesco Central Europe said:

“Our decision to focus on smaller stores reflects the changing needs of Polish customers as the market evolves. Our compact hypermarkets and supermarkets will continue to offer customers great food ranges, alongside our popular F&F clothing and seasonal general merchandise products”.

Tesco has also briefed colleagues in Poland on a number of organizational changes to reflect the simpler business it will run.

Martin Behan, Managing Director of Tesco in Poland commented:

“These changes are part of Tesco`s ongoing work to improve the competitiveness of our Polish business and builds on our positive experience with tailoring the range and downsized largest hypermarkets. It is a challenging period for all of us at Tesco in Poland over the coming weeks and months, but I believe customers will appreciate the change”.

The list of stores to be sold:

Bydgoszcz, ul.Toruńska
Gdynia, ul. Nowowiczlińska
Gorzów Wielkopolski, ul. Słowiańska
Piastów, ul. Tysiąclecia
Rzeszów, al. Powstańców Warszawy
Tychy, ul. Towarowa
Warsaw, ul. Fieldorfa
Żary, ul. Broni Pancernej

Additionally, Tesco will not prolong lease agreements for two small stores: Sosnowiec, ul. 1- go Maja and Warsaw, ul.Wolska.

Earlier, Tesco informed on plans to close and sell hypermarkets in the following locations:

Gdańsk, ul. Cienista
Kraków, ul. Wielicka
Lublin, ul. Orkana
Warsaw, ul. Stalowa
Wrocław, ul. Długa.