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Tesco Foundation Charity Run - PLN 220,000 for Children's Hospital in Krakow!

More than 3600 people run in the 8th Tesco Foundation Charity Run to help the youngest patients of the Children's Hospital in Krakow. The aim of this year's run was to raise funds for the purchase of an ultrasound cancer tissue removal knife called CUSA for the Hospital.

In this year's run, on 31 August at Błonie Park in Kraków, a total of just over 3600 participants took part, and the initiative itself was supported by dozens of partners. More than 221,000 Polish Zlotys were collected. One can still support the initiative and donate on the website.

The CUSA ultrasound knife will go to the University Children's Hospital in Kraków, where it will help to treat small patients. CUSA stands for "Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator". The device allows for minimally invasive removal of pathological lesions in tissue organs such as the brain, liver or pancreas.

The 8th Tesco Foundation Charity Run was an opportunity for both professional and amateur runners. They competed in several different runs: The main one was at a distance of 10 km, the Family one at a length of 3.5 km, the High Heels Run at 100 m, as well as children's runs and a special baby run. During the break between runs, one could take part in shows, competitions, tastings or attractions promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Every year, participants of Tesco Foundation Charity Runs help to equip the Children's Hospital in Krakow with necessary equipment. Thanks to their support, in recent years it has been possible to renovate and retrofit medical and rehabilitation equipment in various departments of the hospital, purchase a Prodrobot, a "Carpe diem" device for the dialysis of newborns and infants, and a neonatal ambulance "N". After eight editions of the Run, the total support for the University Hospital in Kraków exceeded PLN 1.2 million.