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Support for 375 social projects in Poland

Tesco has announced the winners of the 5th edition of the "You choose, we help" grant programme. Tesco and Tesco Foundation will support 375 most interesting and valuable social initiatives. Since 2016, Tesco has supported 1,190 social projects, that have brought positive changes to local communities.

The "You choose, we help" programme aims at helping active residents, public institutions and non-governmental organisations in activities for the benefit of the local community. To make the programme more effective, the map of Poland has been divided into 125 microregions, centered around Tesco stores. The projects, which had been submitted via website and selected by the professional committee, were voted on by Tesco customers, who could choose - in their opinion - the best and most-needed initiatives for their region.

“Our goal was to create a project that will be based not on transferring funds only, but will activate local communities and encourage them to take action. We want to be the driving force behind something really big. Together with the team of the "You choose, we help" programme, we would like to thank for such a huge commitment during all five editions of the programme. We are proud to see how many positive changes are implemented thanks to the involvement of our customers - explains Daria Kulińska, Tesco Poland Head of Communications.

Support for all regions

From the fourth edition of the programme, every organisation that reaches the voting stage wins. Whether the grant is PLN 5,000, 3,000 or 1,000, is being decided by customers, voting in their Tesco stores.

"Fantastic initiatives, positive energy and huge involvement of organisations, residents, customers and Tesco employees."You choose, we help" has a real impact on changes in our local communities. From year to year, the projects submitted  surprise us more and more - with refinement and ingenuity. We are pleased that so many great local initiatives can be implemented by motivated and active Poles. I believe that this programme can be an impulse for greater mobilisation of the people and supporting each other - says Adam Chabiera from the Centre for Social Innovation and Research “Shipyard", a partner of the programme.

During the 5th edition of the programme, customers of Tesco stores gave a total of 5,504,648 votes for the projects.

Five editions of "You choose, we help" programme have been held since 2016. In three years, Tesco and the Tesco Foundation supported 1,190 social projects, which in the open voting were chosen by stores' customers - giving 26,746,271 votes. In total, PLN 4,450,000 have been donated to active teams. The next, sixth edition of the programme will start in April 2019.

More information about the program "You choose, we help" and details of the winning projects can be found on the website (in Polish only).