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From hummus to pork chops - new ready meals offer at Tesco

According to a research*, already every third Pole does not have time to prepare meals at home on a daily basis. Responding to this trend, Tesco expands the offer of ready meals. New dishes are prepared from selected ingredients, and with a short shelf life they bring freshness guarantee. Various types of hummus, salads, pastas and soups are some of the novelties in Tesco's offer.

Sandwiches, salads and pizzas introduced last year are accompanied by 26 new dishes from both regional and international cuisine. The dishes are ready to eat or only need to be microwaved.

The new proposals are a response to the current needs of Polish consumers. The research* conducted by SW Research for Tesco Polska shows that only half of Poles prepare their meals at home every day or more often than 5 times a week. Every third person does not have time to cook at home. We are more and more willing to reach for ready-made solutions that are comfortable to eat both at work and at home. Almost 20% of Poles buy ready-made meals in the supermarket at least once a week or more often, and 35% - several times a month.

We know how important it is for our customers to feel comfortable and save time, as well as to follow the latest nutritional trends. We want our products to be of good quality, fresh and inexpensive at the same time. I am convinced that among this wide range of products all customers will find what they are looking for” - says Grzegorz Kościow, responsible for new range at Tesco Product Team.

For all lovers of fusion cuisine, Tesco offers hummus in various flavours, including tomato and paprika or beetroot. The new offer also includes fresh salads such as couscous with roasted chicken and vegetables or buckwheat with beetroot and salad cheese. Dishes are an ideal, full-value snack for all busy people who are looking for light and healthy treats. Short shelf life provides a guarantee of freshness.

The new offer also includes ready-made dishes that only need to be heated in a microwave. Customers will find traditional dishes such as potato pancakes or salmon fillet with vegetables, as well as soups - tomato, pumpkin or Italian vegetable minestrone soup. Southern cuisine lovers will also be able to try various types of pasta, including spaghetti bolognese, carbonara and lasagne, which will be available in two flavour versions. World cuisine includes chicken in sweet and sour sauce, tikka masala and kung pao chicken.

All products are chilled and delievered to Tesco distribution centres 6 times a week, so that they reach the stores on the following day to keep their freshness and taste.


* SW Research study for Tesco Poland conducted on 20-21.08.2019 on a representative group of 1,009 Poles.