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Christmas online shopping? Yes, but book in advance!

Pre-holiday shopping haste can be seen not only in traditional stores, but also over the internet. If we want to order shopping with home delivery - it is worth to speed up a bit. At Tesco's Ezakupy service, delivery times for pre-Christmas days are booked by customers even two weeks in advance.

The Christmas period, but also new year's winter weeks are times of a special popularity of purchases with home delivery. "At Tesco Ezakupy, about 600 people work on completing the orders and delivering them to customers' homes. In December, this number is growing to 1,000 colleagues. There are more orders, and the value of the basket goes up - so we need more employees to fulfil customers' expectations", says Maciej Hodowany, online sales manager at Tesco Poland. "If the interest in online shopping is as big this year as at last Christmas, the most popular delivery dates on 22 or 23 December will be reserved already two weeks before Christmas Eve" - ​​he adds.

Christmas shopping online from these "stationary" is mainly different in scale. "Customers ordering products usually want to refill their refrigerators for a longer period of time. Hence, the value of the online basket is 4-5 times higher than that in a stationary hypermarket", adds Maciej Hodowany. Interestingly, the high interest in online shopping also continues in January and February. "The reason is simple - it's winter time, so if we do not have to go outside, we'll be happy to use the opportunity to buy online", explains Mr. Hodowany. For example, in January, Ezakupy records one third of more deliveries compared to June or July.

For some customers it will be a great convenience to order fresh or frozen products that are typically associated with Christmas, such as dumplings. Tesco cars are equipped with refrigerators and freezers to ensure the right temperature.

Tesco Ezakupy operates in the largest urban agglomerations, providing shopping from the wide range of Tesco hypermarkets. About 10 million Poles are within the service range. Products can be ordered at least one day in advance - with delivery to home or pick up at selected hypermarkets. The delivery costs from PLN 11.49 to PLN 23.49 (depending on the time of day). The service offer is about 17,000 products, with the focus on food.

In the pre-Christmas period, Tesco delivers shopping until December 23. Click & Collect is available until 12:00 on Christmas Eve, December 24. On the 31st of December, home delivery and pick up at the store will be possible until 17:00.