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113 tonnes of food - thank you!

More than 113 tonnes of food, which will allow for preparing of over a quarter of a million meals for the poorest, and additionally PLN 136,206 of a financial support for Food Banks and Caritas Poland from Tesco - these are the results of Christmas food collections carried out in stores. Collection of food products every year unite Poles in providing help to those in need. Thanks to the help of Tesco customers, Christmas in many Polish homes will become even more magical.

270 250 meals for those in need

On November 30 - December 1 and December 8 - 9, at more than 300 Tesco stores across Poland volunteers from Banks of Food and Caritas encouraged customers to support seasonal food collections. Over 113 tonnes of food were collected - an equivalent of over 270,000 meals. In addition, Tesco - as the only retail chain in Poland - will provide support of 20% of the value of collected food products for charity organisations - just like a year ago.

This year's collection result in Tesco is more than 10% higher than last year. In 2017, customers donated 101 tonnes of food, enough to prepare 240,000 meals for those in need.

We are at the heart of the busy pre-Christmas period. It is great to see that even now, at this challenging moment, we can stop for a moment and help - says Martin Behan, Managing Director of Tesco Poland. As in previous years, this time Tesco will provide Food Banks and Caritas with 20% of the value of food collected in our stores.

Angels of Joy

This year's campaign involved well-known and well-liked Polish celebrities, who at Tesco Warsaw Gocław hypermarket encouraged customers to join the activity.

- In my opinion, good can be done every day, not only before Christmas, but nevertheless I am happy that there is a time when people gather and do it in a much larger way than usual. Poles are a very sensitive nation for social aspects such as poverty and hunger. We are really a society that is ready to help - says Jacek Rozenek, an actor.