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Tesco’s e-learning material wins prestigious international award

Tesco Central Europe’s e-learning material on the company’s food surplus donation process won Germany’s most prestigious education-innovation contest...

Nóż ultradźwiękowy najnowszej generacji wkrótce w Polsce (in Polish only)

This content is avilable in Polish only.

"Food explorers" - three editions of fun and learning

Tesco summarises the 3rd edition of its educational programme "Food explorers". In over 10 months, more than 300 educational trips to Tesco stores,...

Time to join Charity Run!

Can you run and help at the same time? The participants of the Tesco Foundation Charity Run every year prove that it is possible. Its next, eighth edi...

Tesco has been awarded in the 13th Ranking of Responsible Companies

Tesco's activities in the field of corporate social responsibility have been appreciated by the Responsible Business Forum. Tesco, as the only ret...

Give your vote to a local initiative!

From 17 June to 14 July, all residents and activists involved in the social lives of their regions can vote for the most interesting social initiative...

Tesco has been published "Little Helps Plan" raport

Tesco has summarised its activities in the corporate social responsibility area. The “Little Helps Plan” 2018/19 report, that has been published today...

On the right track to fight food waste

Tesco has organised with its partners the 4th Central Europe Food Waste Conference which takes place this year in Prague. Coincidently, this day is al...

In 2 years, Tesco Polska has reduced its food waste by 41%

Tesco today published its annual food waste data for third time, revealing doubling the amount of food that was redistributed to food banks, local cha...

First phase of "You choose, we help" programme is completed

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ISO 45001 for Distribution Centers in Tesco Polska

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Tesco to remove disposable cutlery and plates at Bistros

By mid-May, all single-use cutlery and plates will be removed from "Bistro" self-service restaurants at Tesco stores. They will be replaced by reusabl...

Collecting applications for the 6th edition of "You choose, we help" programme extended until May 13!

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"Nerkoserce" ready to save children

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Tesco fresh juices and smoothies in new, more environmentally friendly packaging

Tesco introduces r-PET bottle packaging on own brand fresh juices and smoothies. This means having 30% or 50% of recycled material in products’ packag...