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Little Helps Plan

No matter where we work, we want to have a positive impact on our customers, colleagues and communities.

Reducing food waste

We are committed to tackling food waste. Not more than 1.2% of food at Tesco in Central Europe is wasted. It might seem a small number, but when you serve millions shoppers a week, it’s still 38,000 tonnes a year.

Measure, Target, Act

Tesco is the only retailer in Central Europe that measures and publishes own food waste data. In 2018, our total food waste reduced to 38,054 tonnes compared to 54,102 tonnes in 2016/17. Learn more on measuring food waste and donations...

In 2017/18 we donated 10,639 tonnes of food to more than 1,100 food bank partners, an increase of over 100% in the last year. It is an equivalent of 25 million meals.

Working with supplier partners

Our “Perfectly Imperfect” range helps to reduce farm food waste, by encouraging shoppers to choose less regular products, with lower prices and keeping the same high quality standards. We offer apples, carrots and potatoes as permanent range and red peppers, pears and garlic as seasonal products. Learn more...

Our commitment

We are committed to all stores offering unsold food surplus donations by 2020. We know that food banks’ capacity is one of the barriers of the further development of the programme, and we trial Food Cloud app as a route to allowing more groups to collect from stores.