Together we change our surrounding for better

Urszula Wiśniewska

Manager of Association helping children with disabilities ‘Możesz Więcej’

What makes a small town differ from all the others in the area? Certainly there are many little things that can make a place special but for my it’s down to people, because they create the atmosphere of the place. As a manager of Association helping children with disabilities ‘Możesz Więcej’ in Minsk Mazowiecki, I can say that without active help and involvement of local community many of our actions would not have happened, were it not for their support. Charity concerts, summer camps, therapeutic exercises in water or dogotherapy - all these activities could happen thanks to the involvement of local community.

‘You choose, we help’ is an exceptional programme. Its biggest advantage is a close relationship with local communities. That’s how Tesco becomes a good neighbour, a member of local community, that mobilizes and encourages to action. I’m happy that we are part of the project that not only is  the source of financial support for organizations, but also shows how we can influence and change our local community. Local people who decide, which of the nominated projects should receive grants and financial support for its project. There is no denying that helping disadvantaged children is closest to me heart and every bit of help we get counts, berceuse communities, even the small ones often have big problems to solve. City area revitalization, support for education, healthy lifestyle promotion or help for people in need – are only examples of initiatives that appeared in the programme. Our region is only a fraction of it because  the programme supports initiatives all over Poland.

One more interesting thing I would like to mention is its educational aspect. On the programmes webpage we can find materials and information that can be useful while writing projects and it’s promotion in later stages. Additionally participants have an opportunity to talk with experts who will help to resolve any doubts and will provide interesting solutions.

As the application process in the 3rd edition of ‘You choose, we help’ programme is ongoing I would like wish all the best to the participants.