Core Purpose & Values

A nationwide retail chain

Our customers can shop in stores across Poland.

Grocery Home Shopping

More then 14 million customers can use our Ezakupy home shopping service.

Core Purpose & Values

Our business was built with a simple mission – to be the best of our customers, helping them to enjoy a better quality of life and easier way of living. This hasn't changed. Customers want great products at great value which they can buy easily and it's our job to deliver this in the right way for them.

That is why we decided for ‘Serving shoppers a little better every day’ to be our core value. As business serving our shoppers is in the centre of everything we do.

Our main purpose is to ’Serve shoppers a little better every day’. Our values help us to put this purpose into practice:

1. No one tries harder for customers

2. We treat people how they want to be treated

3. Every little help makes a big difference

Since we first introduced our Tesco Values more than a decade ago, they have become a vital part of our culture – and an essential underpinning of our growth and success. They ensure that every person at Tesco understands what is important – about how we work together as a team and how customers are at the centre of what we do. They are universal values, which have helped guide our people as Tesco has grown into new markets and new countries.

Similarly to the purpose, values need to change together witch the changing world. We saw the need for a new value which would show our social involvement. Our new value is ‘Every little help makes a big difference’. Today Tesco is a big international organization which is a part of lives of millions people around the world. This huge scales gives us opportunities, we set before ourselves 3 ambitious purposes in 3 areas, where we believe we can provide genuine support to communities. We want to be a good neighbour and responsible participant of social life.